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Sandwich Platter

A selection of wraps, sandwiches and baguettes filled with an assortment of:

Mini Chicken fillets in a Cajun sauce with mayo
Mini Chicken fillets in Thai sweet chilli sauce with mayo
Mini Chicken fillets in a BBQ sauce with mayo
Mini Chicken fillets in honey and mustard sauce with mayo
Mini Chicken fillets in Tikka mayo
Mini Chicken fillets with bacon and Caesar mayo
Mini chicken fillets in a taco sauce with mayo
Plain mini chicken fillets
Tuna, mayo sweet corn and onion bound with mayo
Egg Mayo
Egg Mayo and tomato
Egg Mayo and bacon
Roast Beef in taco sauce with mayo
Roast beef and pickle
Roast beef mustard and salad
Limerick ham, relish and salad
Limerick ham and sliced cheese with mayo
Limerick ham and coleslaw
Smoked turkey, cranberry and stuffing
Smoked turkey, pear and walnut
Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese
Atlantic Prawns in a Homemade Rose Marie Sauce
BBQ Beef
Bacon and Egg Mayo
Pastrami and Green Leaf Salad
Coronation Chicken with Almonds
Sliced Chicken, Avocado and Tomato

Served with fruit juice, Danish, scones and muffins

Minimum order 8 Guests

Executive Lunch Plate

Our unique cold lunch plates affords you the chance to offer a wide selection of individual lunches for you guests

You have the choice of - minimum of 5 per selection

Smoked salmon on mixed leaves with capers
Sliced beef tomato with buffalo mozzarella and dip
Sliced roast beef with sliced baby potato in a honey and mustard dressing
Slice fillet of lamb with saffron lamb
Medallions of goats cheese on a bed of mixed leaves
Sliced Cajun chicken fillet on a bed of pasta

Minimum order 8 Guests


Fruit Bowl

Seasonal whole fruit

Fruit Platter

Slices of orange, kiwi, melon, sweet pineapple, grapes, passion fruit & seasonal berries

Fruit Salad Bowl

Seasonal chopped fruits in fresh fruit juice

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Lunch Meeting